Sales FAQ

Thank you for your interest in one of my products! I regularlly get requests from individuals and resellers asking questions about the sales process. This page is an attempt to answer those questions, without having to wait for a response from me.

Do You Offer Reseller or Bulk Discounts?

Currently I do not offer discounts for resellers. Purchases of more than 10 SFTP licenses, or SFTP + SVN license bundles will automatically recieve a bulk discount. The details of the current discount is shown in the cart when checking out.

What is the Pricing for Sublime SFTP or Sublime SVN?

The current pricing for products are listed on their buy pages:

Adding an item to the cart will display the cost of the quantity desired. All prices are in US Dollars.

Do you collect VAT or other Taxes?

I am located in the United States, in the state of Massachusetts, and local, state and federal laws here do no require me to collect any sort of tax for digital goods (software license keys).

Since I am not located in a country that has VAT, do not directly do business in any country with VAT and do not ship physical goods, I do not collect VAT. If you country requires you do pay VAT, it will be your responsibility. The invoice you recieve after purchasing will include a location where you can enter your address for tax purposes.

What are the Payment Options and Terms?

Payments can processed through either Stripe (when using the cart on or PayPal’s network. Simply click the appropriate button on the buy pages.

Payment must be made before the delivery of the license Key(s) will be made.

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How is the Product Delivered, and What Are the Terms?

Delivery of the product license keys is performed via email. One license key is delivered per license email specified during checkout. If you purchase 5 licenses for a single email address, you will recieve one license key that is valid for 5 users.

For payments made through PayPal, the licensing email is normally send out within 5 minutes, however it could take a few hours if PayPal, or your email system, is experiencing heavy traffic.

For payments made through another payment processor, license emails are manually triggered after verification of payment. This may take 24-96 hours depending on the speed of the payment processing and the time of day the payment is made.

If you have made a purchase and have not recieved your license keys via email, please check your spam filter. If you still can not find the license email, please contact

Can I Purchase on Behalf of Another Company?


The license name and license email do not need to match the purchasers name or email. Be sure to enter the name and email of the end user/company on the buy page, and then enter the purchaser details when checking out through PayPal.

In this case, the licensing emails are sent to both the purchaser email and the license email account.